• Immigration


    The Party for Freedom calls for a sensible immigration policy that is based upon the fundamental considerations of sustainability, cultural compatibility, economic benefit and social cohesion.

  • Welfare and Unemployment


    Placement of long term unemployed into private enterprise agreements to give unemployed exposure to industry while boosting self esteem and labour market participation.

  • United Nations


    The Party promotes a positive independent democratic Australia and therefore rejects the use of international treaties to erode Australian sovereignty without democratic approval.

  • Multiculturalism


    Party for Freedom supports the abolition of state sponsored multiculturalism for the survival of the Australian people. Freedom calls for a return to the previous successful policy of assimilation.

  • Investigation into federal Parliament


    The party supports the creation of a permanent anti-corruption peoples commission into parliamentary abuse, corruption, lies and treason.

  • Free Speech


    The Party for Freedom supports the right of Australians to hold their own opinions, beliefs and thoughts without restrictive government legislation and policy designed to limit free speech.

  • Foreign Ownership


    Scrap FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) and establish a new foreign investment board that places restrictions on foreign investments esp. from Chinese government backed interests.

  • Foreign Aid


    While Party for Freedom accepts the need for prompt cash support for disaster aid, the Party otherwise promotes non-cash forms of foreign aid which are of benefit to Australian interests.

  • Education


    Party for Freedom endorses an Australians first education policy, which includes a quota system to limit maximum numbers of overseas students.

  • Economy


    Freedom promotes smaller government, smaller bureaucracy, and termination of wasteful bureaucracies such as the climate change bureaucracy.

  • Crime and Justice


    The Party calls for zero tolerance of ethnic criminal gangs by Police and the court system. The Party calls for low to medium security prisons to be turned into privately run factories.

  • Border Protection


    Party for Freedom supports moves to re-establish offshore processing. Australia to withdraw from UN Protocol on Refugees and instant deportation of illegal aliens who arrive without identification.

Federal Court: Freedom of Speech on trial

Nick Folkes and Shermon Burgess will both appear before Justice Rares of the Federal Court of Australia for a directions hearing at 9.30am on Friday 5th Feb. 2016 at 184 Philips Street, Sydney. The directions hearing will probably take 30 minutes to 1 hour. The directions hearing will set a date for a future AHRC (Australian Human Rights Commission) hearing and give ‘directions’ to each […]

Violent Antifa attack occurs in Newtown.

Report by Nick Folkes. Daniel Evans and Ralph Cerminara were both attacked in front of the Black Rose (Anarchist) Bookshop in Newtown, an inner city Sydney suburb on Thursday night around 8pm, 28th January 2016. Daniel and Ralph were walking past the Black Rose Bookshop on their way to a local restaurant, and stopped momentarily to take a few quick photos of the shop. Apparently […]

‘Straya Day Bogan Floatilla’

Australia Day should be a day that unites the nation but instead there are many evils forces at work seeking to ridicule Australia Day with divisive and unnecessary campaigns of hate and bigotry. The evil agitators have done a great job at labelling Australia Day celebrations as a manifestation of “racism”. These troublemakers recently applied pressure to a fun loving group of Australians who proposed […]

‘Stop Islamic Animal Cruelty’ Anti-Halal rallies, Melbourne & Sydney 2016

Party for Freedom held a successful protest against animal cruelty at Australia’s first halal expo held at the Fairfield Showground on Sunday 12th April 2015. In 2016, the expanding Muslim community will be holding two halal exhibitions, the first at the Melbourne Showgrounds, Ascot Vale on Sunday 3rd April then the second exhibition at the Fairfield Showground on Sunday, 10th April 2016. In response to […]

Merry Christmas and a Gay New Year!

Wherever you are this Christmas, at home with family or friends, in the bush escaping the rat race or torturing lefties at a BBQ, we’d like to wish you a politically incorrect Merry Christmas. Balanced people are bored with the politically correct greetings of happy holidays or festive season because Christmas has been deemed offensive by the bigoted and intolerant multicultural industry. If these morons […]


‘BY ORDER OF THE FEDERAL COURT OF AUSTRALIA’. Today, both the Supreme Court and Federal Court of Australia ruled against Nick Folkes and Party for Freedom lawful request to hold a ten-year memorial service in Cronulla. The Federal Court instructs Nick Folkes to undertake the Court’s order and publish ‘cancellation of the 2015 Cronulla Memorial’ on the Party for Freedom and Nick Folkes websites, and […]

Cronulla Update: Supreme Court, again

Written by Nick Folkes. The NSW Police Commissioner’s legal case against Nick Folkes will resume on Thursday, 10th December 2015. The hearing is listed for 10.00am and will be held in the Federal Court of Australia building at 184 Philip St., Sydney. The NSW Commissioner of Police is seeking an injunction or prohibition order to stop the planned Cronulla memorial. The first hearing was held […]

Cronulla Update: Racial vilification case in the Federal Court

Written by Nick Folkes. Around 8pm on Monday night, two legal representatives from Sutherland Shire Council served me with an order to appear in the Federal Court, Sydney on Wednesday from 9.30am on claims of engaging in conduct rendered unlawful by Part 11A of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. Dr. Jamal Rifi, Australia’s greatest Muslim apologist and Sutherland Shire Council have both colluded together in […]

Cronulla Update: ‘Summons served’

Written by Nick Folkes On Thursday night at 9pm, two Police Officers served me with a summons to appear in the NSW Supreme Court, Sydney. The hearing is listed for Friday 4th December 2015 at 2.30pm. The Summons has been filed for the NSW Commissioner of Police under the Summary Offences Act 1988 (NSW). The matter is in relation to the proposed ten year Cronulla […]

Cronulla 2015 Memorial official merchandise

World-renowned Australian visual artist Sergio Redegalli has kindly hand crafted four glass plates and one large glass platter to commemorate the upcoming ten-year anniversary of the Cronulla Riots. The unique glass plates are inscribed with the Spartan lambda and Southern Cross signifying patriotic strength and determination. The hand crafted glass plates and platter are a limited edition only, and each item comes with a letter […]