• Immigration


    The Party for Freedom calls for a sensible immigration policy that is based upon the fundamental considerations of sustainability, cultural compatibility, economic benefit and social cohesion.

  • Welfare and Unemployment


    Placement of long term unemployed into private enterprise agreements to give unemployed exposure to industry while boosting self esteem and labour market participation.

  • United Nations


    The Party promotes a positive independent democratic Australia and therefore rejects the use of international treaties to erode Australian sovereignty without democratic approval.

  • Multiculturalism


    Party for Freedom supports the abolition of state sponsored multiculturalism for the survival of the Australian people. Freedom calls for a return to the previous successful policy of assimilation.

  • Investigation into federal Parliament


    The party supports the creation of a permanent anti-corruption peoples commission into parliamentary abuse, corruption, lies and treason.

  • Free Speech


    The Party for Freedom supports the right of Australians to hold their own opinions, beliefs and thoughts without restrictive government legislation and policy designed to limit free speech.

  • Foreign Ownership


    Scrap FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) and establish a new foreign investment board that places restrictions on foreign investments esp. from Chinese government backed interests.

  • Foreign Aid


    While Party for Freedom accepts the need for prompt cash support for disaster aid, the Party otherwise promotes non-cash forms of foreign aid which are of benefit to Australian interests.

  • Education


    Party for Freedom endorses an Australians first education policy, which includes a quota system to limit maximum numbers of overseas students.

  • Economy


    Freedom promotes smaller government, smaller bureaucracy, and termination of wasteful bureaucracies such as the climate change bureaucracy.

  • Crime and Justice


    The Party calls for zero tolerance of ethnic criminal gangs by Police and the court system. The Party calls for low to medium security prisons to be turned into privately run factories.

  • Border Protection


    Party for Freedom supports moves to re-establish offshore processing. Australia to withdraw from UN Protocol on Refugees and instant deportation of illegal aliens who arrive without identification.

A Sustainable Population Policy for Australia – Halt Third World Immigration (Part 1)

Undertaking a wholesale review of the composition of our migration programme and its supporting regulatory environment through an Immigration white paper to address future At present growth rates of close to 2%, Australia’s population will reach 42 million by 2050, six million more than the Federal government’s 2010 Intergenerational Report’s projection, a policy publicly articulated in the last weeks of Kevin Rudd’s Prime Ministership. His […]

Labor’s boat policy is ruining our country

The illegal invasion continues under Labor and Greens policy on asylum seeker boat arrivals. Since Labor came to power in 2007 and weakened Australia’s borders, over 550 illegal boats, carrying over 33,000 invaders have arrived, and there is no end in sight. Many asylum seekers have said that they were attracted by Labor’s weak stance on border protection, and the appeal of making it to […]

ABC Erodes Democracy By Supporting ‘The Big Labor Lie’

Article contributed by Kevin Glancy & Greg Deane. There are a number of forces at work in Australia that contribute to the erosion of our democracy. Not least is the Gillard Labor Government and its assault on freedom of speech through the proposed changes to discrimination law. Then there’s the current attempt by Minister Stephen Conroy to inflict government control over the media in response […]

Howard Sattler interviews Nick Folkes on 6PR, Perth

Perth 6PR radio announcer Howard Settler interviewed Party for Freedom Chairman, Nick Folkes on Wednesday. Howard wanted to discuss Party for Freedom’s protest this Sunday at Macquarie University and also speak about the unfortunate sexual assault allegedly perpetrated by an Afghan asylum seeker, who groped two boys at a Perth public pool. The radio interview also gave Nick an opportunity to discuss in detail Labor’s […]

Gillard is all sizzle and no substance

Julia Gillard’s weeklong stay at Rooty Hill RSL was one of the worst pre-election stunts ever, an exercise in spin, a smoke and mirrors attempt to deceive an electorate that has already learnt to see through her specious machinations. Gillard’s cynical attempt at manipulative demagoguery can only serve to further undermine any shred of dignity remaining to her. The citizens of Western Sydney are already […]

Asylum seeker sexually assaults Macquarie University student

(This is a call to action!) The Party for Freedom will hold a protest at Macquarie University on Sunday, 17th March to highlight the sexual assault of a female student allegedly perpetrated by a Tamil asylum seeker. Fortunately the sexual predator has been taken into police custody and his name has been released. His name is Daxclan Selvarajah, a Sri Lankan asylum seeker on a […]

The Australian people welcome Mr Geert Wilders

The Party for Freedom, Australia would like to extend a welcome and thank you to Mr Geert Wilders, Leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom, for making time available in his busy schedule to travel to Australia to speak on the real dangers of the political ideologies of Islam and multiculturalism. We would also like to extend a welcome and thank you to Mr Sam […]

Visa 457 – Foreign Workers stealing Aussie jobs

A group of unemployed skilled Australians are making a gallant stand against cheap foreign labour in Victoria. For past few weeks unemployed Australians have formed a picket line at the Werribee Water Treatment plant in protest against the use of cheap unskilled Filipino labour on subclass Visa 457. The protesting Australian workers have asked the lead contractor Tedra Australia and engineering firm Briagolong to consider […]

Welcome to Party For Freedom

The Party for Freedom is Australia’s newest political party dedicated to building a patriotic conservative alternative to the major treasonous political parties. The major political parties have departed from their original duty to democratic representation of the Australian people and our interests. Instead these days the political establishment has become a treasonous class concerned only in their self-interest with limited regard for the forgotten and […]