The Truth About Racism: Is there a scientific cure?

Last year I had the privilege of being involved in a new SBS program on subconscious racism and racial bias. I spent 10 days filming at various locations in Sydney undergoing social experiments and psychological testing with four non-white participants to determine whether racial bias exists within our group. Being the lone token white guy in the multiracial filming arrangement made me feel that I […]

March to Malcolm’s Mansion: Dump Islamic Intruders in Point Piper

On Sunday 5th March Party for Freedom will be holding a patriotic march through the pampered and exclusive streets of Point Piper to Malcolm’s Mansion demanding the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull halt the divisive and costly intake of Islamic refugees from Syria and Iraq or place the intruders in Point Piper where Malcolm and his family can enjoy the full richness and vibrancy of cultural […]

Support Trump Rally

Party for Freedom calls on Donald Trump supporters to join us in a rally supporting the US President elect, and opposing a motley crew of leftist Trump haters who will also be in the same location in Hyde Park on Saturday, 21st January 2017. Our political opponents have threatened to shut down the City in protest. The same calls have echoed across America where anarchists, […]

Cronulla: The World’s Biggest Halal Free BBQ!

Party for Freedom invites you and your family to the world’s biggest halal free BBQ in memory of the Aussie victims of the Cronulla Riots. The public is well aware of the terrible events leading up to the Cronulla Riots that took place in 2005 when large mobs of Lebanese and Turkish Muslim youths would congregate in Cronulla and on the local beaches looking for […]

The Battle of Eltham: Guardians of the Aged Vs. the Refo. Invaders.

On Saturday 5th November 2016, a coalition of patriotic Australians will be holding a rally at Andrew Park, Eltham opposing the re-settlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the St.Vincent’s Care Services nursing home in Eltham. The federal government’s plan to re-settle Muslim refugees some with multiple wives in an aged care facility has divided the local community with the deranged and irresponsible advocates for […]

Stop the Violence Rally: Left Wing Scum Your Time Has Come.

On Tuesday 27th September 2016 Party for Freedom and other patriotic groups will be holding a rally outside the Downing Centre opposing left wing violence. The three Anarchists (Antifa members) will be facing Court at the Downing Centre, Sydney for their alleged attack on patriot Dan Evans in front of the former Black Rose Bookshop in Newtown on Thursday night, 28th January 2016. The three extremists […]

Trump Patriots BBQ

Party for Freedom will be holding a TRUMP Patriots BBQ at Jamison Park, Penrith on Sunday, 31st July 2016. The BBQ is a family event for Donald TRUMP supporters and like-minded people and families to come together in a show of solidarity for TRUMP. Trump has taken the USA by storm with his spectacular victory in the US primaries and recent nomination acceptance to hopefully […]

ABC Q&A Counter Rally: Let Pauline speak!

Party for Freedom will be holding a counter rally in support of Pauline Hanson on Monday night, 18th July outside the ABC TV Studios, Ultimo. The counter rally has been called to combat Socialist Alternative’s hateful and bigoted campaign calling for a violent shut down of the Q&A program because Pauline is one of the guest panelists. Socialist Alternative, Antifa, student Unions, Jihadists and ‘cop […]

‘Stop Halal Animal Cruelty’ rally, Sydney

Party for Freedom invites you to attend our ‘Stop Halal Animal Cruelty’ rally opposing the ‘Halal Expo 2016’, which will be held at the Fairfield Showground on Sunday, 10th April. The Halal Expo is a manifestation of multicultural madness promoting halal products and sharia law in Australia. We are calling on the Australian federal government to ban ritual slaughter in Australia. It is also an […]


On Sunday 20th March 2016 Party for Freedom will be holding a counter rally in Sydney opposing a motley mob of ‘open borders’ traitors who are calling on the Australian government to resettle Muslim illegals in Australia. The organisers of the rally Refugee Action Coalition (RAC) is also calling for an end to mandatory detention and closure of offshore detention centres and also an increase […]