Welcome to Party for Freedom.

The Party for Freedom is a patriotic party dedicated to building a viable alternative to the major treasonous political parties. The major political parties have departed from their original duty to democratic representation of the Australian people and our interests. Instead these days the political establishment has become a treasonous class concerned only in their self-interest with limited regard for the forgotten and downtrodden Australian people.

The forgotten Australian people deserve to be heard and their interests and aspirations should come first over the present anti-Australian globalist agenda set by a corrupt parliament and out of touch sitting members.

Party for Freedom is all about a new beginning for Australian politics. We intend to reach out to our people, the Australian and listen to their genuine concerns and aspirations in a changing Australia. There has been so much unnecessary change over the past decades that our country has become especially unrecognisable to previous generations who experienced a prosperous, free, proud and secure Australia, how times have changed. The unnecessary changes forced upon the people have all come about due to successive Liberal, Labor and Greens policies and divisive agendas which are obviously against the Australian people and nation’s economic, social and cultural security.

The Australian people also need to accept blame for voting for treasonous and dishonest parties and politicians at the ballot box, this has to also change. We ask the Australian people to stop rewarding dishonesty and treason and stand up for your children and future generations of Australians. This is our country and it is time we made a stand against successive political betrayal perpetrated by the evil vermin that govern the long-suffering Australian people. We are being sold out on all levels of strata and asked to accept a lower standard of living while members of parliament live in a sheltered world with all the financial protection and ill-gotten reward. We are told we need to make sacrifices while the treasonous class lives in luxury at our expense. It is clear the government has lost the capacity to do the peoples work.

We recommend you read Party for Freedom’s policies to find out more about our positive course of action for the future. We have positive policies that seek to return Australia to the people. The spirit of Party for Freedom policies is guided by a commitment to traditional Australian values, family values, and the protection and preservation of Australian sovereignty and independence. Party for Freedom seeks to strengthen the principles of democracy and increase political accountability in the interests of social cohesiveness and sustainability.

Below is our Mission Statement, which encapsulates our party, its purpose and course of action.

“The Party for Freedom is committed to traditional Australian family values, the protection of Australia’s independence including property rights, true democracy and the rule of law. The Party for Freedom acknowledges and respects people who hold these values, who identify with the Australian way of life, and who identify as Australian.

The Party for Freedom rejects multiculturalism, advocates an immigration policy based on cultural compatibility, rejects Islam as fundamentally incompatible with these values, and is committed to regaining control of Australia’s borders. We promote and support Australian manufacturing industries, reject unnecessary taxes, and value true free speech in all areas of political and public debate. We acknowledge the Australian Constitution and reject any treaty, document or organisational instrument which undermines it or its authority.”

There are many ways you can become involved in Party for Freedom. We cannot achieve electoral success without your spiritual and financial support.

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We ask you to join Party for Freedom so our party can achieve federal registration before the next federal election. We offer complimentary and $20 paid annual membership.

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