Stop Islamic Infiltration: No Muslim School in Penrith

Party for Freedom will be holding a protest in Penrith on Sunday 28th May 2017 calling on the treasonous Penrith Council, it’s Mayor John Thain and Councillors to vote against the development application. The people of Penrith and Sydney do not want an Islamic school built in the heart of Penrith.

The applicant, Irfan College submitted the DA to Penrith Council on 1st March for a Turkish Islamic school to cater for students from kindergarten to Year 12. If the applicant is successful, the school will initially accommodate up to 300 students and between 30 to 40 staff. The proposed Islamic school will be housed in the old Penrith Public School site on Henry Street which is a heritage site that dates back to the 1870s.

The principal of Irfan College, Ali Arabaci said, the school would contribute to the area’s social fabric. Many Penrith residents are concerned that the school will do the exact opposite, and will only bring social friction and hostility to Penrith municipality, an area that has so far escaped Islamic invasion and mayhem that follows.

Many locals see Penrith as the ‘last bastion’ holding out against Islamic immigration and multiculturalism that has turned many Western Sydney suburbs into warzones. Independent Penrith Councillor, Marcus Cornish said, “It is the most Anglo-Saxon area in Sydney” outside of Macarthur, and as a result its residents are more relaxed than they are in other parts of the city. Crime is lower and people still play cricket in the backyard.

Arabaci agrees that currently there is not a large base in Penrith for the school however in the region starting from Blacktown, The Hills and Mount Druitt there is a large Muslim population adding that “there is a market out there for the Muslim community”

The Mayor, John Thain said, the community should decide whether the Islamic school should be approved or not but this was not the Council’s position in 2014 when two mosque DAs were approved for Kemps Creeks in two weeks. Thain has announced a residents only forum will be held soon to discuss the proposal giving residents false hope.

Time is running out for the good people of Penrith. The people of Penrith were betrayed before when Labor, Liberal and Greens councilors all colluded together in approving two Kemps Creeks mosques in 2014. The people of Penrith have a right to know: does the Mayor and his councillors support a Muslim school in Penrith?

We hope to see you, your family and friends at this important rally.  Please spread the word.

‘Bums off seats, feet on streets’

Time: 1pm to 3pm

Date: Sunday 28th May 2017

Protest: Lawson and North Streets Roundabout, Penrith

Contact: Nick Folkes 0417 679972

Donations Appeal for flyers, posters and placards

Account: Party for Freedom Inc.

BSB number: 032 078
Account number: 656866
Bank: Westpac Bank

Thank you for your support!



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  1. Penrith residents should contact their Mayor and Councillors and let them know they will not tolerate Council’s betrayal anymore. The Council approved two mosques in 2015 and now this…….

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