Aussie Patriots protest outside Abbott’s forum in Mosman

On Thursday night, Party for Freedom members protested outside Tony Abbott’s Mosman forum for local residents. The lusty protestors stood in the cold darkness holding placards highlighting the weakness and betrayal of Tony and the Liberal party.

The megaphones were blaring while halogen lights resting on the ground illuminated the placards so passing residents, political opponents and visitors to the forum could see our protest messages. Many of the pampered locals were shocked seeing working patriots invade their safe faux conservative space reminding them that their arrogant hero was not really interested in the well-being of Australian workers and families outside living outside his Warringah electorate.

Channel 9 news was on the scene to record the protest action with one of their reporters asking questions about Thursday night’s action. Our impromptu protest was broadcasted on the nightly news which is a great result giving PFF coverage to continue rallying on important issues.

Two weeks prior, Tony’s office circulated a letter to Mosman residents informing them of Thursday night’s forum. In the letter it says, “At the forum I would like to hear your views on federal issues and answer your questions. It will be a chance to talk about some of the challenges and opportunities our country faces”. We couldn’t resist the opportunity of being part of this forum even though we live outside the exclusive borough of Mosman and knowing we would never be welcomed inside the forum, we were forced us to hold our protest outside the trendy art gallery converted from an old disused church.

If Abbott and his lackeys really wanted to hear from the Australian people, he should hold a forum in one of the many suburbs of Western Sydney that are facing demographic collapse due to third world colonisation and the state sanctioned policy of multiculturalism. Give the declining Australians an opportunity to talk about the challenges they face living in a postindustrial ghetto full of third world gang bangers, welfare cheats, a sea of burqas and stolen opportunities.

The world looks very different from Mossman. Good luck to the residents of Mosman as many of them have worked hard for their success but many of these people are not too dissimilar to the lefty trendoid basket weavers of the inner cities who support multiculturalism, global warming, importation of Muslim refugees and invasion of cheap foreign workers. Most of the upper echelon of society have zero empathy for their own people in Western Sydney who are facing daily genocide, intimidation and violence perpetrated by anti-whites and the taxpayer funded multicultural gravy train.

During our time spent protesting outside the forum, we spoke with quite a few locals who became aggressive, some were stunned and many agreed that the Liberal party has deserted its conservative roots and become a lefty outfit unable to make the right decisions to get Australia back on track.

Whether it’s Liberal, Labor or Greens, they all work for the same political establishment that has betrayed and disowned the Australian people. Our struggle against the globalists and their ideologically barren minions continues.


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