Equal Rights for Aussie Whites: Stop Racism against Aussie kids

Anti-white racism is on the rise in Australia with many white Australians feeling daily pressure from hateful anti-assimilation minority groups, highly paid commissars of taxpayer funded multicultural agencies and cultural Marxist “progressive” whites who are pushing the multicultural agenda of racial and cultural replacement. The left’s genocidal crusade to destroy Anglo Australia is in full swing creating a society divided on seething ethnic tensions and hatred of white Australians.

It is time for white Australians to fight back against the nasty disease of white hatred and exclusion in Australia. We are told by our incompetent and traitorous government that racial and cultural diversity is about commitment to harmony, inclusiveness and acceptance of distinct culture and ethnic groups however nothing could be further from the truth. Multiculturalism is the antonym of assimilation, an enemy of peace and security.

Recently, Sydney mum Tara Coverdale faced the full wrath of anti-white Australian hatred and racism at Alexandria Park Community Centre when she tried to enroll her two boys at the daycare centre. Instead of being made to feel welcome, a staff member of the centre approached her saying, “I’m sorry you can’t come here. It’s a multicultural playgroup”

The enraged staff member then asked, “Can I ask what your cultural background is?”, and Tara replied, “I’m Australian”. The pushy anti-white Australian staff member then said, “I’m sorry, you can’t come here. It’s for multicultural families and people who speak languages other than English at home”. Proud Australian, Tara stood her ground refusing to leave saying her two red haired sons were having fun playing with other kids at the centre.

Tara was then approached by Jo Fletcher, the facilitator of the exclusive racist multicultural gulag asking her, “Can I just ask what your cultural background is?” Tara said she was a fourth generation Australian, Fletcher said, “I’m sorry you can’t come here. It’s a multicultural playgroup”. Tara tried charm in hopefully convincing Jo to allow her and two boys the right to attend the playgroup however this was unsuccessful with Fletcher insisting it was exclusively for “multicultural” mothers who might be lonely and might want to build a network of people who speak the same language.

Tough Tara wasn’t giving in to the multicultural bully asking, wouldn’t it be better for those mothers to meet someone like her who knows a lot of people in the community. The tense conversation between Tara and the multicultural bully continued with Fletcher reiterating her anti-white Australian stance saying the two boys were not welcome at the centre.

The Alexandria Park Community Centre is funded with our taxes. The NSW Department of Education has confirmed that the nasty exchange took place at the centre. The Education Department is funding the anti-white, anti-Australian facility that excludes white kids from attending playgroups.

While Tara was at the centre she saw, other mothers walk in and, “they were made to feel very welcome because they didn’t look ‘Australian’ they didn’t get asked about their background “. “We’re in a pretty progressive area”, says Tara. “It’s very accepting of all people but I feel like I’m excluded”. Indeed, how progressive!

To add irony to insult, it was only a few days away from “Harmony Day”, a big event at the centre, “to celebrate our country’s cultural diversity”, with a free HALAL beef and chicken sausage sizzle. To thrust the knife in deeper, this year’s theme was “We all belong” unless you are Australian of Anglo-Celtic heritage.

Party for Freedom activists will not tolerant this blatant anti-white Australian behaviour perpetrated by the centre’s staff excluding white children and their mother from playgroups funded by our taxes. No doubt there would be many more Aussie Mums who were also told they are not welcome at the multicultural playgroup gulag because they’re white.

In the spirit of our daily struggles fighting anti-white racism, Party for Freedom will be holding a rally outside the Alexandria Park Community Centre demanding equal rights for Aussie whites and their children at the centre. We will not tolerate anti-white racism at the centre or anywhere else for that matter.


We hope to see you at the rally.

Time: 4pm to 6pm

Date: Thursday 13th April 2017

Where: Alexandria Park Community Centre, corner of Power Ave & Park Rd, Alexandria.

Contact: Nick Folkes 0417-679972.



  1. The NSW Education Department should stop funding this racist anti-white facility and the facilitator Jo Fletcher should publicly apologise to Tara for the centre’s unacceptable anti-white bias against her and her two boys. Multiculturalism is anti white racism.

    1. Indeed, Bob. The NSW Education is a disgrace and so is the Education Minister saying he’s upset Tara feels the way she does about the centre. Our politicians are weak white men and women who always bow down to the racist wants of multiculturalism. The policy is a waste of taxpayers money and has only brought division and hate. It’s time to get rid of multiculturalism.

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