Villawood Hilton: Patriots confront feral squatters

A motley collective of unemployable university students, post menopausal teachers, gay rights activists, church goers and highly paid refugee advocates have been protesting outside the Serco managed Villawood Immigration Detention Centre since last Saturday calling on the federal government to release a 60 year old Iraqi asylum seeker known as Saeed who is awaiting deportation after his claims of refugee status were rejected.

The ‘open borders’ protestors became hysterical last Saturday afternoon blocking the entrance of the Villawood Hilton in hope of stopping Saeed and other detainees being deported. The rowdy mob quickly became violent threatening and assaulting Police when they were asked to move along so medical staff and visitors could enter the facility. The ensuing melee resulted in the arrest of four ‘peaceniks’ proving yet again emotive left wing “progressive” protestors are incapable of protesting peacefully.

The shower less Collective squatting outside the Villawood Hilton is also calling on the government to bring the remaining 1,152 Manus Island and Nauru, and 263 Christmas Island detainees to Australia. The vast majority of offshore detainees have had their claims to refugee status denied and instead waste taxpayers money on endless legal cases however the current Immigration Minister Peter Dutton will not submit to the childish claims mage by illegal aliens seeking perpetual access to Centrelink.

It is well known throughout the Muslim world that Australia is a land of freebies for third world refugees and their families. Under the previous Rudd-Gillard-Rudd political paradigm of open borders and financial instability, Australia was advertised in Afghan, Iraqi and Pakistani travel agent brochures and newspapers as a destination for bogus refugees seeking ill-gotten fortunes. Many of the travel brochures would even provide information on Centrelink payments, subsidised public housing and education available to illegal aliens once bogus refugee status was granted but none of this matters to the mentally unstable ‘progressives’ screaming for open borders.

According to the Australian Border Force report released on 31st December 2016, there are still 25,810 asylum seekers on bridging visas in the community with a further 1,415 illegals detained offshore. It is time to round up these free loaders and deport them back to the sand dunes and coconut plantations, which they came from. It is not fair to poor and disadvantaged Australians living in squalor while African and Muslim refugees and asylum seekers are given preference in public housing and education and receive billions upon billions in welfare payments annually that could be diverted in helping to alleviate poverty in Australia but again none of this matters to the dangerous left and their motley mob of traitors working tirelessly to wreck Australia.

It is important for patriots to maintain constant pressure or counter action against open border activists who seek to destroy our unique identity and beautiful nation in the name of subjective feelings and misplaced emotions.

In response to the open borders vigil held since last Saturday, Party for Freedom activists ambushed the shower less collective on Wednesday 29th March 2017 reminding our political opponents that we refuse to submit to their mentally deranged and traitorous calls on Canberra to bring the Manus Island and Nauru detainees to Australia.

Our opponents were not happy seeing working class patriots set up an impromptu counter presence opposite their smelly squatters camp. The feral squat stunk of urine and was visually sickening with rubbish strewn on both sides of the detention centre’s front entrance while some of the purple haired LGBT sisters huddled under a liberated tarpaulin attached to the fence of the detention centre. The intellectual confusion and double standards were seen with various banners and flags on display. There was the communism symbol of the hammer and sickle superimposed on an Aboriginal flag and a rainbow flag also attached to the fence with a vast array of banners supporting Muslim refugees, Aboriginal land rights and open borders saying ‘No one is illegal’. One of the other banners read, ‘Tear down the fence, free the refugees’.

Once we set up, we blasted messages over the megaphone instructing the squatters to pick up their rubbish. After a few minutes of verbal encouragement, some of the squatters started cleaning up, amazing. Just proves these Marxist “progressive” types do not live up to the environmentalism mantra incessantly pushed on the public by them. These fools need to be sent to work camps to set their indoctrinated minds free.

Some of the illegal alien supporters became quite agitated with our presence opposing their calls for offshore detainees to be brought to Australia. There were a few who looked absolutely smashed on illicit substances gathered around a snowflake playing a guitar pumping out some incoherent feelings fuelled noise while others formed what looked like a confused feminist drum circle.

We tried to establish public dialogue with the ideologically challenged mob but they weren’t interested in facts or statistics instead basing their shallow existence on compassion and empathy for outsiders, a sure sign of altruistic mental Illness and intellectual laziness.

Reverend Bill Crews did cross the road and spoke to us briefly saying detainees are “just poor buggers” deserving of our hospitality and kindness which means free public housing and welfare payments. Like most Uniting Church Ministers, he has lost the plot on important issues facing our nation. Bill represents everything that is wrong with the vast majority of Churches preaching love and compassion for Muslim refugees while neglecting the plight of persecuted Christians in the Middle East. We don’t need anymore-poor buggers in Australia robbing Centrelink and challenging our cultural norms.

Highly paid refugee advocate Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition arrived in a small convoy of ethanol-fuelled buses. Ian’s organisation has been at the forefront of protest action over the past decade calling on successive federal governments to soften our immigration laws to accept more bogus refugees. Over the megaphone we asked Ian if his organisation is funded by George Soros, and also asked him if he supports open borders and holds Communist political views. In reply, he turned his back to us and looked at the ground in a gesture of embarrassment.

Another old hand of the open borders movement Mark Goudkamp rocked up with a picnic blanket. We gave him a warm welcome over the megaphone and he smiled back at us. Over the past decade, Mark has been a vocal open borders activist campaigning for RAC, Socialist Alliance and more recently for a left wing teachers group that supports the influx of Muslim refugees. He unfurled a banner from his latest intellectual squat, ‘Teachers for Refugees’. We asked him, why are our children slipping in world student rankings being beaten in maths, reading and science by most Asian nations these days. We asked him why weren’t teachers instilling the virtues of competition and a strong curriculum with emphasise on learning instead of indoctrinating our children with Marxist lies and propaganda however he had nothing to say because he knows what we said was true.

The left is at a dangerous intersection supporting homosexual and Muslim rights in the name of sexual and cultural diversity sanctioned by Labor, Liberal and Greens. The oxymoronic contradictions have never been so evident however this marriage of convenience cannot last as Islam teachers hatred and persecution of gays, and as the Muslim population rises in Australia so will their calls for homosexuality to be considered a punishable crime.

Our greatest enemy lies within our city gates. Our greatest enemy is not the foreign hordes or illegal aliens who are colonising our suburbs, schools and shopping centres but left wing whites who actively work against the interests of working class Australians. These left wing whites are traitors who have betrayed their blood and soil becoming handicapped slaves for the status quo and corporate elites who own their souls.

It was indeed sad seeing indoctrinated young university students hijacked by a system perverted with Marxist propaganda and idealism. These young ones will never know how good Australia used to be, we were the land of milk and honey, the lucky country. These young intellectual serfs have fallen under the spell of their older traitorous masters.

The non-binary metrosexual “progressive” brigade will be no match against the realities of hard living that will consume our nation in the future. The harder life gets, the better it gets for the radical nationalist cause and the conscious rebirth of our identity and nation.

We hope to see you on the 9th April 17 at First Fleet Park, Circular Quay when we will be holding a counter rally against open border protestors.

Tomorrow belongs to us!


  1. The left can never sustain a argument when it comes to the benefit of having third world or Islamic world refugees in a developed country,the only reason the left want these so called refugees in developed countries is they want the host country to collapse socially and economically.

  2. 100% Spot on. It is what it is, they are Economic Refugee’s trying to take advantage of our generous Welfare System…Such a great read and worthy of speech status….The TRUTH pisses on FAKE NEWS, our children ARE being used by the Education System…..Well done to the author of this article.👏👏

  3. Send me all home. Bill crews – thank goodness he’s not running the country. He’d be 10 times worse than Turnbull.

    Good article Mr Folkes. All 100% true!

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