Did Totalitarian Turnbull instruct Facebook to delete Party for Freedom’s page?

On Sunday 5th March, patriots attended a historic ‘March to Malcolm’s Mansion’ in Point Piper to highlight the double standards pushed by Turnbull calling on working class Australians to accept more Muslim refugees while his suburb of Point Piper receives zero refugees.

Although it was former PM Abbott who committed Australia to accept an extra 12,000 Muslim refugees from Syria and Iraq in September 2015 on top of our annual United Nations agreed refugee intake of 13,750 for the financial year of 2015/2016, the pledge has been supported by current PM Turnbull, Opposition leader Shorten and Greens leader Di Natale however none of Abbott’s 12,000 will be resettled in Point Piper or Shorten’s suburb of Moonee Ponds or Di Natale’s nature reserve of Otway Ranges.

The western suburbs of Sydney look very different to the pampered and segregated harbour side and seaside boroughs of Sydney’s eastern suburbs. As the gap between rich and poor grows so does the gap between reality and fantasy. The reality for many working class Australians is seeing their former once proud functioning suburbs turn into ghettoes swamped with taxpayer funded invaders pushing unwanted racial and cultural replacement while the upper echelons of society rejoice knowing the importation of more refugees and migrants means the destruction of Australia’s identity. Again, Turnbull’s morally depraved suburb is void of refugees. The arrogant and audacious Turnbull and his neighbours escape from yet another United Nations agreed refugee resettlement invasion.

As drenched patriots marched down Wunulla Road to Malcolm’s Mansion with our flags blowing in the wind holding placards and banners wet from rain, Malcolm’s neighbours came outside worried at being confronted by their own double standards. The usual howls of arrogance and profanity were heard without a decent argument to back up their ignorance. Some of the protestors tried reasoning with Malcolm’s neighbours talking about the double standards of the government’s refugee placement however Mal’s juvenile sidekicks were ashamed and embarrassed being confronted, and instead choose to run away in despair.

Once we reached Malcolm’s Mansion, four speakers made their messages heard loud and clear over the megaphone while a row of Police separated the protestors from Malcolm’s Mansion by the sea. The speakers passionately spoke about the reality of demographic change in western Sydney. Instead of Malcolm meeting the protestors and talking about valid concerns raised over Malcolm’s flamboyant and irresponsible recent announcement pledging Australia to accept another 180,000 African and Muslim refugees in the next ten year, Malcolm jetted out to Brisbane for the day. Again, showing his loyalties do not lie with the Australian people but with vested multicultural and refugee interests.

The protestors stayed in front of Malcolm’s Mansion for probably close to an hour. In that time, we only saw one Daily Telegraph reporter taking photographs and a few heavily bearded Muslim men trying to disguise themselves as dodgy real estate agents taking snaps to report back to their taxpayer funded superiors. You would think something like a ‘March to Malcolm’s Mansion’ would receive media interest but there was a complete media blackout. Mal’s dictatorial iron fist of political correctness came smashing down on freedom of speech and reporting.

This was just the beginning. On the final leg of our march back to New South Head Road, Party for Freedom’s page of 17,000 supporters was unpublished or deleted just before the end of our march. The Facebook notice said community standards had been breached. This is the same Facebook that gives hateful Islamists a platform and spams your account with pornographic material. Also, one of Nick Folkes’ Facebook accounts was deleted and his two other accounts copped 30 day bans.






The same has happened in Germany when Merkel met with Zuckerberg ordering him to shut down the Facebook groups and pages of German nationalist and resistant groups in the hope of stopping the spread of information on refugee crime and rape in Germany. In response, Zuckerberg complied with Merkel’s wish to enforce political correctness on the truth.

It seems Malcolm has stooped to the dirtiest levels of political correctness embarrassed by his own double standards exposed by patriots. This is yet just another example citing the struggles faced by Party for Freedom and its passionate members in the quest to stand up for truth, justice and the preservation of our identity and nation’s sustainability.

The coincidence is too great to ignore.


  1. 80 % muslims around the world are on welfare, locals are left for dead thanks to globalists and politicians who follow this nonsence, letting muslims to live with us is no help to them, all they do is destroy averything possible and we allow it? They are rasists ,not the nations which open their arms to them, politicians should have as much determination as muslims and use it to oppose them vigorously, deport the lot,they hate the west anyway.

    1. Indeed, Ivan. Australia is fast becoming ‘Dependistan’, just like Europe with large Muslim communities sucking us dry living off welfare. It’s totally unsustainable. Muslims couldn’t survive without welfare payments. We are basically funding our own suicide.

    2. Your words are very true, Ivan. If only the B…..ds could be deported. I hope they won’t come to Tasmania and make our life hell. I hope it is too cold for them down here and there are no large shopping centres, classy restaurants, big cars and the latest fashions, all of which ‘they’ will demand. Housing stock is also bad.

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