The Truth About Racism: Is there a scientific cure?

Last year I had the privilege of being involved in a new SBS program on subconscious racism and racial bias. I spent 10 days filming at various locations in Sydney undergoing social experiments and psychological testing with four non-white participants to determine whether racial bias exists within our group.

Being the lone token white guy in the multiracial filming arrangement made me feel that I was a representative of my declining race battling against a group of people with manufactured grievances who see whites, and especially white males as a privileged class. Despite the opportunities white society has given these newcomers, it is never enough.

I wasn’t there to change anyone else views on race but to give my perspective on the complex issue of race, racism, discrimination and why a multicultural nation will ultimately fail. The other contestants were race obsessed only seeing their side of the argument, arguing for more ethnic privilege, and the only way to cure “racist Australia” was with more diversity.

People have different origins and for millennium race was seen in the context of acknowledging the obvious distinctions between ethnic and racial groups with different racial groups showing social and cultural behavior that can be graded or arranged as superior or inferior. Regrettably, today’s definition of racism has morphed into a belief of hatred and prejudice based on skin colour only. No doubt racial hatred and prejudice exists but there is another story to be told that influences peoples decisions when it comes to evaluating their conclusions on race.

I had no idea what the program was going to be called during filming. I knew the program we were filming was about subconscious racism and racial bias but that was about it. Every day of filming brought new surprises. None of the participants had any prior knowledge of where we would be going or what we would be doing except for the host, Yassmin Abdel-Magied. Much of our time was also spent in a Pyrmont film studio where I came in contact with well funded left wing sociologists who really needed to get out more and challenge their misconceptions on racism.

Throughout the experiments and interaction with other group members I felt there was this manufactured false hope that I change my mind on racism by sharing time with other group members and in the process break down the misunderstandings that exist. My honesty on racism was being challenged and there were lots of fiery moments between us. The lone white guy was up against a tribe of privileged representatives of their race who believe emotions are more important than honesty when assessing people’s views on racism.

The host of the show, Yassmin Abdel Magied, a Muslim Sudanese-Egyptian activist who has sparked controversy recently with her appearance on ABC’s Q&A program when she clashed with Senator Jacqui Lambie over her remarks saying, “Islam is the most feminist religion” which is utter nonsense. Also, Yassmin said the Koran dictates to Muslims to that follow the lands of their adopted homeland, which supersedes would sharia law – this is another lie.

The other participants of the program were a bisexual Asian female, an African male refugee and another female of mixed Aboriginal and African heritage who identifies more with her Aboriginal Australian identity and heritage, and Yassmin, an African Muslim.

During filming the time spent with the other participants became quite heated but overall our interactions were civilized with laughter present. Undergoing some of the written tests, I could see the racial bias against whites built into the questions. Tests are tests but in reality we know the vast majority of white people form racial views based on many other factors, not on racial prejudice alone. On the other hand, I believe non-whites display a much stronger tendency to base their assumptions on racial prejudice than white people.

There was an overriding sense of how my views and convictions on racial bias were emotionally hurtful and damaging to others, and needed to change without any regard on how my views were formed. To members of the group, social and cultural behavior was not important feelings were everything.

Regrettably, too many people are dishonest and hung up about the term ‘racism’. For me I don’t see ‘racism’ as a dirty term, it is natural. Racism is biology, the acknowledgement that we have different genetic makeups highlighting strengths and weaknesses for all of us. In addition environment and circumstance add to whom we are making us all unique and showing preference is normal and not just based on race but also culture, language and customs. We make decisions based on many factors when dealing with people of different backgrounds and so do they.

Everyone is racist however only few people will show honesty and conviction in acknowledging this fact. In fact, whites are the least ethnocentric people on the planet. White nations have given so much but it is never enough for the criminal political oligarchy and their internationalist Marxist minions who are waging an ideological war to wipe out true diversity of European peoples.

SBS’s ‘Racism Week’ started on Sunday night and will end this evening when the finale is broadcast from 8.30pm. Below are some excerpts from the promo guide:

“The one to watch is Nick, the head of a political group known as The Party For Freedom based around a strong anti-immigration platform. Seeing him on a march holding a sign reading “Multiculturalism is GeNOcide” gives a pretty good idea of what he means when he says his group is designed to give voters “a patriotic alternative”. It doesn’t take long for him to reveal his view that it’s every other group in society – and not whites – that has real privilege today.

Before their racism can be challenged though, it first has to be measured. They’re not put into a MRI machine to see if the racist part of their brain lights up: instead they’re given The Symbolic Racism Scale, a test that features questions like “are black people responsible for creating racial tension”. There are no prizes for guessing how Nick answers that one, and while everyone else comes off as not especially racially biased, Nick has no problem when the test shows he’s a racist through and through”.

Racism is natural and there is no scientific cure for honesty.

Tune into SBS tonight to watch ‘The Truth About Racism: Is there a scientific cure?’


Nick Folkes


  1. I watched the show and I was appalled by Yassmin Abdel Magied’s blatant, over-the-top rudeness. She was the most racist one there. Nick Folkes presented as being quiet, reasonable, well mannered, gentlemanly and softly spoken. Yassmin, on the other hand, was out of control – eyes bulging, yelling, bouncing off the walls fury, mostly directed at Nick. I couldn’t believe the rudeness I was witnessing from her. Hats off to Nick for keeping his cool throughout. She obviously wanted to get a reaction from him. She wanted him to lose his temper and threaten her, but he didn’t. He came ascross as the voice of reason. She came across as a rabid anti-white racist. Very disturbing.

  2. Great article Nick! Your a true patriot and we need more people like yourself to bring awareness to what is happening to Australia by the far left. The only true “Racism” lies with them and their Genoside of white western peoples.

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