March to Malcolm’s Mansion: Dump Islamic Intruders in Point Piper

On Sunday 5th March Party for Freedom will be holding a patriotic march through the pampered and exclusive streets of Point Piper to Malcolm’s Mansion demanding the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull halt the divisive and costly intake of Islamic refugees from Syria and Iraq or place the intruders in Point Piper where Malcolm and his family can enjoy the full richness and vibrancy of cultural diversity and racial decline.

Our unpatriotic and treasonous politicians live in leafy secluded suburbs and gated communities away from the everyday hassles of third world demographic changes, ethnic gangs, crime and anti-social behaviour. The world looks very different for those living in Sydney’s eastern suburbs or the inner city lefty enclaves of Melbourne.

Malcolm Placard-2In the coming months over 6,000 refugees will be resettled in Western Sydney’s municipalities of Fairfield and Liverpool and nearly 2,400 will be settled in the City of Hume on the north western suburbs of Melbourne. No refugees will be resettled in Malcolm Turnbull’s Wentworth electorate, no refugees will be resettled in Bill Shorten’s Maribyrnong electorate and no refugees will be resettled near the Otway Ranges tree house hideaway of Greens Leader Richard Di Natale.

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone has written to the Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to call for more money for refugee resettlement services. Local schools and community organisations cannot keep up with the pressures and demands of the recent taxpayer funded invaders. Fairfield has an unemployment rate almost twice as high as the state average and also has many more refugees on disability pensions hiding the true extent of unemployment and underemployment.

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While hard working Australians and their families watch their suburbs and towns turn into welfare dependent and crime ridden ethnic ghettoes due to the resettlement of third world African and Islamic intruders, the political elites sit back laughing at misfortune while quaffing down hors d’oeuvre and French champagne. The political establishment have forgotten their roots in the quest to destroy Australia’s identity, culture and ultimately our financial sustainability.

Late last year, Malcolm the Magnificent made a public announcement that Australia would accept over 180,000 African and Muslim refugees over the next ten years. Again, none of these third world delinquents will be resettled in Malcolm’s Point Piper or Bill’s Moonee Ponds or Richard’s Otway Ranges. The intruders will be dumped in Western Sydney, outskirts of Melbourne and increasingly in rural towns filling our jails and robbing Centrelink on a daily basis.

It is time to stand up and speak out against the criminal political oligarchy that seeks to subvert and destroy Australia. After forty years of third world immigration coupled with multiculturalism and an unsustainable welfare state exploding at the seams we are witnessing the slow death of our nation and genocide of our people.

It is only fair that the “special” placement of 12,000 Muslim Syrian and Iraqi refugees should be resettled in Point Piper. It is time for our Prime Minister to open his residence and exclusive suburb to the disease ridden, welfare dependent and gang bangers of the Islamic world.

We invite our patriotic brothers and sisters to join us in a march to Malcolm’s mansion demanding the 12,000 intruders be resettled in Point Piper.

‘Bums off seats, feet on streets’


Time: 1pm to 3pm

Date: Sunday 5th March 2017

Meet-up: The corner of New South Head & Wolseley Roads, Point Piper.

Further Info: Nick Folkes 0417-679972.

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  1. When will Austraia WAKE UP.
    Do we want to go the way Sweeden, Germany and other European countries have gone.
    Stop offering our country to these free loadres who contribute nothing..
    Australia, DO IT NOW before it is to late..

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