Fairfield Bazaar: Nick interviews Vic on refugee invasion

We travelled to Fairfield, Western Sydney to interview Vic. Vic is a local who has lived in Fairfield for over 20 years and has witnessed significant demographic changes in the past few years due to both the Labor and Liberal policy of dumping Muslim refugees in Western Sydney.

Last year, Fairfield re-settled over 3,000 refugees from the Middle East and this year a further 4,700 refugees will be settled in the area. The area is now at breaking point with Fairfield Mayor Frank Carbone calling on Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to provide more taxpayers money for refugee resettlement services.

We walked around the streets of Fairfield and only heard Arabic and other languages spoken, no English. The majority of the residences are either Arab or Asian with Australians now a small minority. This drastic demographic change is happening in the suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne due to the government’s open door immigration policy.

Vic spoke about the lack of English spoken in the area, the lack of employment opportunities and the lack of affordable housing in the area due to the rapid increase in Fairfield’s population. The local property developers are greedily rubbing their hands together in anticipation of more public and community housing being built for the refugees.

The Labor party is in the pockets of both the Muslim and Christian refugee communities, and vice versa. Chris Bowen is the federal MP and gives out multicultural grants to refugee communities guaranteeing continued voter support.

In September 2015, Abbott made the public announcement with tri-partisan support to import ‘a one off’ intake of 12,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees. This is on top of Australia’s annual refugee intake of 13,750 refugees in 2016. The refugee intake will increase to 16,250 this year and increase to 17,750 in 2018 creating a financial black hole for the Australian taxpayer.

The federal government is committed to international obligations over local responsibilities. The Australian people are shunned and ridiculed while preference is given to refugees from Muslim and other third world countries.

Enough is enough!

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