Support Trump Rally

Party for Freedom calls on Donald Trump supporters to join us in a rally supporting the US President elect, and opposing a motley crew of leftist Trump haters who will also be in the same location in Hyde Park on Saturday, 21st January 2017.

Our political opponents have threatened to shut down the City in protest. The same calls have echoed across America where anarchists, communists and black lives matter (BLM) activists are sowing seeds of discontent and public disobedience demanding the undemocratic removal of Trump from office. The left as per usual have shown its dark and sinister anti-social behaviour opposing democracy and freedom of speech in their violent anti-white pogroms across America.

Making a stand for democracy and freedom of speech is a universal fight that is a natural response from patriots and nationalists. We cannot stand idle and watch the left occupy our streets, parks and university campuses treading on our civil liberties and infecting the public political arena with lies, hatred and violence.

Aussies for Trump - MAGA - Placard

The election of President Donald Trump highlights the changing dynamics of politics in the Western world. There is a tsunami of valid anger and frustration towards the rotten political and economic establishment that has robbed the working and middle classes relegating millions to the dole queues and perpetual poverty and hardship. Trump is a self made businessman and American patriot who understands the pain of the American people seeing the world’s former greatest economic and moral superpower slip into decadent cultural Marxism perversion coupled with anti-human and anti-freedom neo-liberal globalist policies.

If the left stood for anything decent and progressive, its mentally ill minions and useful idiots would stand for Trump in his quest to ‘Make America Great Again!’ but instead they march for Soros and his internationalist agenda.

Trump has made it clear throughout his election campaign that he plans to rebuild America’s industrial capacity giving employment opportunities to his people however the capital hating left wants to destroy free enterprise and oppose his moves to re-establish sensible economic protectionism policies. The left pretends to represent the worker but history shows their political revolutions and actions are soaked in blood.

Build that wall Placard

Trump has promised to ‘Build that wall’ to protect America’s interests and repatriate millions of illegal workers and criminals sucking blood from the hard working American people. A nation without borders ceases to be a nation. Building a wall between America and Mexico will stop the flow of human sewerage across the Rio Grande. America is continually criticised by the mainstream media and the leftist political machine for not being ‘compassionate, caring and accommodating’ however reality illustrates a very different picture.

After successive decades of globalisation and an open door immigration policy Trump will hopefully return America to common sense policies putting its citizens first instead of giving preference to the dregs of the third world. America must regain its economic and moral strength to lead the Western world to a new renaissance.

We call on the good people of Sydney and beyond to join us in protest on Saturday, 21st January 2017 in a celebratory rally of support for Trump. Please bring your flags and placards and remember to travel in groups to the rally area. It is going to be an awesome day heralding a new golden dawn for the emerging national patriotic movement across the globe.

‘Make America Great Again!’

Time: 1pm to 3pm

Date: Saturday 21st January 2017

Location: Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park North

Further Info: Nick Folkes on 0417-679972.


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