• Immigration


    The Party for Freedom calls for a sensible immigration policy that is based upon the fundamental considerations of sustainability, cultural compatibility, economic benefit and social cohesion.

  • Welfare and Unemployment


    Placement of long term unemployed into private enterprise agreements to give unemployed exposure to industry while boosting self esteem and labour market participation.

  • United Nations


    The Party promotes a positive independent democratic Australia and therefore rejects the use of international treaties to erode Australian sovereignty without democratic approval.

  • Multiculturalism


    Party for Freedom supports the abolition of state sponsored multiculturalism for the survival of the Australian people. Freedom calls for a return to the previous successful policy of assimilation.

  • Investigation into federal Parliament


    The party supports the creation of a permanent anti-corruption peoples commission into parliamentary abuse, corruption, lies and treason.

  • Free Speech


    The Party for Freedom supports the right of Australians to hold their own opinions, beliefs and thoughts without restrictive government legislation and policy designed to limit free speech.

  • Foreign Ownership


    Scrap FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) and establish a new foreign investment board that places restrictions on foreign investments esp. from Chinese government backed interests.

  • Foreign Aid


    While Party for Freedom accepts the need for prompt cash support for disaster aid, the Party otherwise promotes non-cash forms of foreign aid which are of benefit to Australian interests.

  • Education


    Party for Freedom endorses an Australians first education policy, which includes a quota system to limit maximum numbers of overseas students.

  • Economy


    Freedom promotes smaller government, smaller bureaucracy, and termination of wasteful bureaucracies such as the climate change bureaucracy.

  • Crime and Justice


    The Party calls for zero tolerance of ethnic criminal gangs by Police and the court system. The Party calls for low to medium security prisons to be turned into privately run factories.

  • Border Protection


    Party for Freedom supports moves to re-establish offshore processing. Australia to withdraw from UN Protocol on Refugees and instant deportation of illegal aliens who arrive without identification.

Stop Islamic Infiltration: No Muslim School in Penrith

Party for Freedom will be holding a protest in Penrith on Sunday 28th May 2017 calling on the treasonous Penrith Council, it’s Mayor John Thain and Councillors to vote against the development application. The people of Penrith and Sydney do not want an Islamic school built in the heart of Penrith. The applicant, Irfan College submitted the DA to Penrith Council on 1st March for […]

Aussie Patriots protest outside Abbott’s forum in Mosman

On Thursday night, Party for Freedom members protested outside Tony Abbott’s Mosman forum for local residents. The lusty protestors stood in the cold darkness holding placards highlighting the weakness and betrayal of Tony and the Liberal party. The megaphones were blaring while halogen lights resting on the ground illuminated the placards so passing residents, political opponents and visitors to the forum could see our protest […]

Equal Rights for Aussie Whites: Stop Racism against Aussie kids

Anti-white racism is on the rise in Australia with many white Australians feeling daily pressure from hateful anti-assimilation minority groups, highly paid commissars of taxpayer funded multicultural agencies and cultural Marxist “progressive” whites who are pushing the multicultural agenda of racial and cultural replacement. The left’s genocidal crusade to destroy Anglo Australia is in full swing creating a society divided on seething ethnic tensions and […]

Villawood Hilton: Patriots confront feral squatters

A motley collective of unemployable university students, post menopausal teachers, gay rights activists, church goers and highly paid refugee advocates have been protesting outside the Serco managed Villawood Immigration Detention Centre since last Saturday calling on the federal government to release a 60 year old Iraqi asylum seeker known as Saeed who is awaiting deportation after his claims of refugee status were rejected. The ‘open […]

Palm Sunday Counter Rally Against Refugees

A coalition of regressive Unions, suicidal Church groups, and refugee advocacy rabble will be clogging up the streets of Sydney with their pathetic unAustralian march from Hyde Park North to First Fleet Park, Circular Quay on Sunday 9th April 2017 calling on the Australian government to shut down Manus Island and Nauru detention centres and bring the disease ridden illegals to Australia. Only a mentally […]

Did Totalitarian Turnbull instruct Facebook to delete Party for Freedom’s page?

On Sunday 5th March, patriots attended a historic ‘March to Malcolm’s Mansion’ in Point Piper to highlight the double standards pushed by Turnbull calling on working class Australians to accept more Muslim refugees while his suburb of Point Piper receives zero refugees. Although it was former PM Abbott who committed Australia to accept an extra 12,000 Muslim refugees from Syria and Iraq in September 2015 […]

The Truth About Racism: Is there a scientific cure?

Last year I had the privilege of being involved in a new SBS program on subconscious racism and racial bias. I spent 10 days filming at various locations in Sydney undergoing social experiments and psychological testing with four non-white participants to determine whether racial bias exists within our group. Being the lone token white guy in the multiracial filming arrangement made me feel that I […]

Refugees Not Welcome: Urgent Donations Appeal

Party for Freedom calls on Aussie patriots to attend our upcoming ‘March to Malcolm’s Mansion’ demanding that Islamic Intruders be dumped in Point Piper, and also at Malcolm Turnbull’s plush and privileged residence. Also, we are appealing for your help in raising donations to cover the cost of new placards and  banners for the upcoming ‘March to Malcolm’s Mansion’, which will be held on Sunday 5th […]

March to Malcolm’s Mansion: Dump Islamic Intruders in Point Piper

On Sunday 5th March Party for Freedom will be holding a patriotic march through the pampered and exclusive streets of Point Piper to Malcolm’s Mansion demanding the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull halt the divisive and costly intake of Islamic refugees from Syria and Iraq or place the intruders in Point Piper where Malcolm and his family can enjoy the full richness and vibrancy of cultural […]

Fairfield Bazaar: Nick interviews Vic on refugee invasion

We travelled to Fairfield, Western Sydney to interview Vic. Vic is a local who has lived in Fairfield for over 20 years and has witnessed significant demographic changes in the past few years due to both the Labor and Liberal policy of dumping Muslim refugees in Western Sydney. Last year, Fairfield re-settled over 3,000 refugees from the Middle East and this year a further 4,700 […]