• Immigration


    The Party for Freedom calls for a sensible immigration policy that is based upon the fundamental considerations of sustainability, cultural compatibility, economic benefit and social cohesion.

  • Welfare and Unemployment


    Placement of long term unemployed into private enterprise agreements to give unemployed exposure to industry while boosting self esteem and labour market participation.

  • United Nations


    The Party promotes a positive independent democratic Australia and therefore rejects the use of international treaties to erode Australian sovereignty without democratic approval.

  • Multiculturalism


    Party for Freedom supports the abolition of state sponsored multiculturalism for the survival of the Australian people. Freedom calls for a return to the previous successful policy of assimilation.

  • Investigation into federal Parliament


    The party supports the creation of a permanent anti-corruption peoples commission into parliamentary abuse, corruption, lies and treason.

  • Free Speech


    The Party for Freedom supports the right of Australians to hold their own opinions, beliefs and thoughts without restrictive government legislation and policy designed to limit free speech.

  • Foreign Ownership


    Scrap FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) and establish a new foreign investment board that places restrictions on foreign investments esp. from Chinese government backed interests.

  • Foreign Aid


    While Party for Freedom accepts the need for prompt cash support for disaster aid, the Party otherwise promotes non-cash forms of foreign aid which are of benefit to Australian interests.

  • Education


    Party for Freedom endorses an Australians first education policy, which includes a quota system to limit maximum numbers of overseas students.

  • Economy


    Freedom promotes smaller government, smaller bureaucracy, and termination of wasteful bureaucracies such as the climate change bureaucracy.

  • Crime and Justice


    The Party calls for zero tolerance of ethnic criminal gangs by Police and the court system. The Party calls for low to medium security prisons to be turned into privately run factories.

  • Border Protection


    Party for Freedom supports moves to re-establish offshore processing. Australia to withdraw from UN Protocol on Refugees and instant deportation of illegal aliens who arrive without identification.

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The Battle of Eltham: Guardians of the Aged Vs. the Refo. Invaders.

On Saturday 5th November 2016, a coalition of patriotic Australians will be holding a rally at Andrew Park, Eltham opposing the re-settlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the St.Vincent’s Care Services nursing home in Eltham. The federal government’s plan to re-settle Muslim refugees some with multiple wives in an aged care facility has divided the local community with the deranged and irresponsible advocates for […]


Labor and Liberal hatred of local car industry kills Ford Australia.

In a 1986 2GB radio interview with John Laws the then Treasurer Paul Keating said, “If this government cannot get the adjustment, get MANUFACTURING going again, and keep wage outcomes and a sensible economic policy, then Australia is basically done for. We will end up being a third rate economy, a BANANA REPUBLIC” Today Australia took one step closer to Keating’s prediction with Ford Australia […]


A call to protest: Eltham retirees pushed out to accommodate Muslim refugees.

An Eltham based residents action group will be holding a rally from 10.00am to 11.00am on Saturday 1st October 2016 outside Member for Jagajaga, Jenny Macklin’s Heidelberg office to highlight community opposition to the federal government’s plan to re-settle Muslim asylum seekers in a former St. Vincent aged care facility located in Eltham. Locals are up in arms knowing that their local council Nillumbik Shire […]


Clowns Versus Muslims

A very interesting news report emerged from the USA that may have ramifications for Muslims, that is, if Americans want to pursue the matter. Read this: Kentucky police have arrested a man dressed as a clown lurking in a wooded area amid a wave of clown reports in at least six US states. Jonathan Martin, 20, was charged with wearing a mask in a public […]


Minto: Patriots hold anti-Muslim terrorism protest.

On Saturday afternoon 17th September 2016, a group of patriots held a flash mob marching down Ohlefsen Road, Minto calling for an end to Islamic immigration. The flash mob was also held in solidarity for the victims of Muslim terrorism highlighting the terrible Muslim terrorist attack, which took place in Minto on the 11th September 2016 when a deranged Muslim attacked local Wayne Greenhalgh. The […]


The land of tomorrow has become the land of yesterday.

Written by Nick Folkes. ‘This is a story about Australia’s rise and fall into economic and identity servitude’ In 1948, Mr Joe Greenberg designed a poster with the slogan ‘Australia land of Tomorrow’. The poster was produced by the Immigration Department to promote European immigration to Australia. The poster was displayed in displaced persons camps in Europe. The colourful and lively illustration captured the imagination […]


Stop the Violence Rally: Left Wing Scum Your Time Has Come.

On Tuesday 27th September 2016 Party for Freedom and other patriotic groups will be holding a rally outside the Downing Centre opposing left wing violence. The three Anarchists (Antifa members) will be facing Court at the Downing Centre, Sydney for their alleged attack on patriot Dan Evans in front of the former Black Rose Bookshop in Newtown on Thursday night, 28th January 2016. The three extremists […]

Alex Gollan 5

Alex Gollan the Monster admits to kiddie porn stash.

The law has finally caught up with former teacher and assistant principal Alex Gollan sentencing him to eight months jail for child grooming and possession of kiddie porn. Magistrate Alexander Mijovich who described Gollan’s actions as a “clear abuse of trust” handed down the decision at Burwood Court on Tuesday, 30th August. Degenerate Gollan pleaded guilty to the charges of child grooming or sending indecent […]

Melton Rally

Patriots rally against Muslim housing estate in Melton

Patriots gathered at Melton South’s Hannah Park on Sunday 28th August in opposition to a Muslim housing estate known as Iqra Village. More than 200 patriotic Australians from many different patriotic groups travelled from all over Australia to join their Melbournian brothers and sisters in protest. Various speakers from different patriotic groups spoke on the podium to a united crowd. Toby Cook, Party for Freedom […]


Caller Adam threatens to rape Nick Folkes and kill Pauline Hanson.

Over the past few weeks Nick Folkes has received a massive amount of threatening phone calls from raving mad Communists and Muslims. The threatening phone calls and text messages have come from mainly disgruntled and dysfunctional young men with high levels of testosterone and low levels of intelligence. The threatening phone calls have intensified since Party for Freedom members interrupted Father Rod Bower’s Sunday service […]