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Anzac Day Centenary: Honour Your Heritage


Whenever Anzac Day draws closer, the public is exposed to the most hurtful and divisive mainstream and alternative media commentary coming from freedom-hating leftist journalists and their taxpayer funded academic comrades. The left represents everything that is wrong with society, a demographic of no-hopers who frequently criticize our Anzac heritage and the monumental sacrifices and gallant efforts made by Australian serviceman and women since the Great War.

Regrettably, it should be of no real surprise that many home grown lefties and their ethnic privilege third world bootlickers appear with such indignation and ungratefulness critiquing important dates in the Australian calendar. The chorus of hatred emanating from the left highlights how festering the ingrained anti-Anzac sentiment and rhetoric has become over the years. Publicly attacking and ridiculing the fallen is one of the lowest and most gutless forms of critique expressed by irrelevant collectivists.
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Party for Freedom Fighting Back


Over the past couple of weeks, Party for Freedom activists have held two successful protests on two very important issues, both receiving media coverage. On Sunday, 12th April, freedom activists held a rally opposing halal animal cruelty at Australia’s first Halal Expo 2015, then on Sunday, 19th April, a counter-protest was held against the Refugee Action Coalition’s call for ‘open borders’.

The lunatic left, irate Islamists and their fellow faux anarchist travellers are increasingly colluding together representing a dangerous and aggressive political street movement calling for violence against patriots. The lunatic left believes using violence against patriots is justifiable.
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Rally against Illegals!


On Sunday 19th April 2015, a motley outfit named Refugee Action Coalition will be holding a rally in Sydney calling upon the federal government to end mandatory detention of asylum seekers and closure of both Manus and Nauru detention centres.

Our borders define our nation and without strong border protection policies Australia will cease to be a sovereign nation. The left wing ‘illegal advocates’ and their vagabond and high emotive supporters don’t care about protecting our financial sustainability or children’s future. Their simplistic narrative is a story of endless compassion towards intruders who come to our shores seeking the treasures of Centrelink.
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‘Stop Animal Suffering’ Anti-Halal rally


On Sunday 12th April, Sydney will have the misfortune of holding Australia’s first halal expo. The Halal Expo 2015 will be held at Fairfield Showground showcasing halal products and services for Australia’s fast growing Muslim population.

The halal exhibition will bring together food and product manufacturers, retailers, restaurants and even sharia compliant finance companies and a host of other halal certified businesses under one roof for the first time in Australia. The day has been billed as a ‘multicultural festival’. Indeed, the upcoming halal exhibition will present and promote the worst aspects of animal cruelty under the umbrella of cultural diversity or multiculturalism.
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