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Left or Right. Wrong is wrong!


For too long most Australians have been unwilling to accept the sad reality that both Labor and Liberal do not represent our interests anymore. No doubt prior to the 1970s, both parties had their feet firmly on the ground and made decisions that reflected community sentiment and values, protecting our economic and social interests.

Over the past forty odd years, both parties have drifted from one disaster to another, actively working against our interests with support for failed policies including free trade agreements, multiculturalism, third world immigration and privatisation of the people’s assets. None of the policy change has brought any real benefits to the Australian people. In fact, the opposite has happened with lengthening dole queues, simmering ethnic tensions, a welfare state on the verge of bankruptcy, shrinking middle class and loss of economic independence and sovereignty.
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A rational response to cultural genocide celebrated on Harmony Day


Report by Nick Folkes

Harmony Day is a recent advent designed to advance the promotion and celebration of third world cultures in Australian schools at the expense of Australian and Western culture. Harmony Day is celebrated on the 21st March every year to coincide with the United Nations ‘International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’. In other words, it is propaganda engineered to portray Australia and other Western nations as inherently ‘racist’ and in need of more cultural diversity to cure such evil fabricated behaviour.
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TPP, ISDS & Foreign Tribunals & The End of Democracy & National Sovereignty


Contributed by Graham Williamson

The highly secretive Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP (1, 2) is currently attracting world attention. While the TPP masquerades as a free trade agreement, it is much more, so much so that some experts claim it has little or nothing to do with trade (3, 4). The TPP includes Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions to enable foreign corporations to sue governments in a closed shop tribunal system (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11). By permitting foreign corporations to control elected governments, national sovereignty, democracy and our national judicial system, are progressively subverted and surrendered to corporate rule and global governance (12, 13, 14, 15). According to the New American:
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A Sweet Victory for Mareeba, Far North Queensland and Australia


How one Australian can make a difference. Why a proposed $70m Islamic Boys’ Boarding School pulls the pin in Mareeba and how a community pulled together united and won.

Contributed by Kim Vuga.

On the 19th November 2014, Cairns Post published front page that a private Standard Bearers Academy (SBA) $70m Islamic Boys’ Boarding School was to be built at Mareeba. While the school was stated to have an Islamic focus, it would be open to all faiths. SBA stated that they would lodge their Development Application with Mareeba Shire Council prior to Christmas, which was only weeks away. The school was to be home to 1,200 mainly Muslim boys from year 5 to year 12, and would be situated on 98 acres of prime farming land at Tinaroo Creek Road, Mareeba. Funding would come from local and international donors as well as from our State and Federal Government. SBA stated to the media that the school SBA was not linked to two other schools, one in Nigeria and one in India. However, this became their first mistake – the first of many – as every touch leaves a trace. And as the footprints via Google and social media soon proved otherwise, and believe me there were many footprints.
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